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Sinkpositive – Sink And Toilet In One

Sinkpositive (Image courtesy Environmental Designworks)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re the type who’s now making a conscious effort to live a more ‘environmentally-friendly’ existence after seeing a particular documentary last year then you’re no doubt concerned about your home’s water usage. A company called Environmental Designworks has created a unique bathroom sink that’s made to sit on your toilet’s water tank and interface with its existing plumbing.

While I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of having my sink so close to the toilet I still think the concept here is a decent enough idea. The sink of course only uses the fresh water that is also used to refill the toilet after you flush. The water basically takes a slight detour through the Sinkpositive first and as a result it eliminates the need for additional water usage when you wash your hands afterwards. The other benefit is that since the Sinkpositive only runs while the toilet is refilling there are no extra knobs or handles to touch once your hands are clean.

Like I said the idea isn’t that bad but I would prefer to see the water being re-routed to a traditional sink putting some distance between it and the toilet. And I don’t know about you, but I like to wash my hands with piping hot water and from what I’ve seen the water used to refill toilets is far from hot.

But don’t let my minor quibbles stop you from installing one of these in your home. The standard Sinkpositive Tank Lid kit is available on the company’s website for $99 and a deluxe version is available for $119.

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