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Drowse Prevention Alarm Shows Potential, Could Also Annoy The Snot Out Of You

drowse prevention alarm

By David Ponce

There’s no denying that falling asleep at the wheel sucks. And, while this little gadget promises to help in that department, we’re not entirely sure it won’t become a pain in the posterior while it does so. See, the “Drowse Prevention Alarm!” as it’s lovingly called looks a lot like a Bluetooth headpiece. You insert it in your ear much the same way, but should you tilt your head forward more than 10 degrees, a piercing alarm will rattle you back into wakefulness. There’s two volume levels, should you wish to keep the use of that ear.

The problem with it is that there’s no indication it couldn’t be set off if you tilt your head down for another reason than being drowsy. What if you want to look at your feet? Or, what if you want to see how many fries are left? Hell, we can think of a good half dozen perfectly good reasons for looking down, and we’re not sure that getting our ear blasted each time wouldn’t become insufferable. Still, it’s a useful little thing, and at 1,200 yen ($10), it falls squarely into the “Why Not?” camp.

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