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Diamond Studded Bentley Knob; One Car For The Price Of Two

diamond studded bentley shifter knob

By David Ponce

The Bentley Continental GT costs about $165,000. This diamond studded white gold shifter knob made specifically for the car by company LP Wheel Group, under the line name IcedOutEmz costs $150,000. [Insert “priceless” joke here.] It features 30 carats worth of diamonds, all of which are 2.5mm across. The company’s owner, Tony Lee, chose them this size as bigger ones would have created unsightly gaps, while smaller ones would not have appeared as dazzling to the eyes. Each of these is set into a specially designed strip of 18 carat white gold, using a setting technique similar to that used in wedding rings. Mr. Lee claims that it took around 100 hours to complete the design.

Unfortunately for him, he has not found a buyer for this “lovely” creation, and the shifter knob sits on display in the company’s headquarters in Las Vegas, though Mr. Lee tries to save face by claiming that the publicity he’s gotten so far is worth his expense. Perhaps he’s right, and it’s probably just a matter of time until someone with more money than sense comes along for a purchase.

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