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Laser Pointer Mouse

By Evan Ackerman

Finger Mouse

Logisys’ Optical Finger Mouse is an interesting departure from the regular mouse/mousepad dynamic in that it turns your finger into a mouse and virtually any surface into a mousepad.

The Finger Mouse is attached to your index finger with a velcro strap, and has two buttons and a scroll wheel meant to be used by your thumb. This may seem a bit awkward, but apparently it works well, although not so much for us lefties. It’s designed to be used primarily with mobile electronics where you want all the functionality of a mouse without needing the space for one (bus, train, airplane, etc). The major downside with the current version is that you have to plug it in to a USB port, but for $20, it’s really not too shabby.

Available from now from Xoxide.

[ Finger Mouse ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]


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