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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Nixon Lodown Ti – A Surfers Best Friend

Nixon Lodown Ti (Images courtesy Nixon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides the cool inverted LCD display and the overall slick styling the Nixon Lodown Ti appears to be particularly suited for the surfing community. The watch comes pre-programmed with tide chart data for 200 beaches covering the next 15 years which is prominently displayed on the watch face via a large graph.

I really have no idea what specific beaches the Lodown has data for but it’s safe to assume they’re probably all surfing hotspots. The watch is made from titanium with hardened mineral crystal, is waterproof to 100 meters and includes dual time functions, an alarm, a countdown timer, a wave counter and a chronograph.

It’s currently available directly from Nixon for about $200 which is pretty reasonable.

[ Nixon Lodown Ti ] VIA [ Uber-Review ]

RC Pirate Ship – Dead Man’s Chest Not Included

RC Pirate Ship (Images courtesy The Green Head)
By Andrew Liszewski

The popularity of pirates these days can pretty much be attributed to the success of the Pirates Of The Caribbean film franchise. So it’s no surprise when items like this remote controlled pirate ship pop-up in an attempt to cash in on the trend. At just over 40 inches in length the ship bucks the other recent trend of miniature RC toys but at the same time it allows for quite a bit of detailing. In fact when not being used the ship includes a stand for displaying it at home.

The fiberglass hull is of course watertight but to sail the ship you need to attach a large running keel to the bottom in order to keep it stable on the open seas. The keel is secured with a couple of easy thumbscrews but the added height means it can’t be sailed in a shallow pond. The ship includes a 2 channel pistol-grip style remote with a range of up to 500 feet and on a full charge you can expect to enjoy up to 6 hours of exploring and pillaging.

But at $329.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer you might need to find an actual treasure chest first.

[ Remote-Controlled Pirate Ship ] VIA [ The Green Head ]

You can also find a video of the pirate ship in action after the jump. Just be aware it’s a commercial that tries hard to sell every single detail as an amazing feature.

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Retro Cassette Wallets

Retro Cassette Wallets (Images courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The 80’s brought us quite a few innovations in both technology and fashion that we’ll hopefully never see again. But those still clinging to fading memories from that decade will no doubt be happy to carry around this little bit of nostalgia from that era. These wallets (which are more like simple zippered pockets) are fashioned from the empty shells of old cassette tapes. While there’s no slots for credit cards or places for baby photos they should still provide ample storage for a night out.

The wallets are all hand made and each one is a unique creation given how few cassettes are actually produced these days. And since the designer Marcella Foschi is Italian the cassettes also seem to come from Italy and include artists like Colonne Sonore, Renato Zero and Aldo Varini. Yeah, I’ve never heard of any of them either but I think that adds to the coolness factor here.

The Cassette Wallets are available from designboom for $32 each but it seems the site is sold out at the moment.

[ Retro Cassette Wallets ] VIA [ Josh Spear ]

I Want To Believe: US Army Has UK Flying Saucers

By Evan Ackerman

Flying Saucer

I knew it all along! The US Army is working on flying saucer technology! I just wouldn’t have predicted it to be a British import… Apparently the army has awarded a contract to a British firm JLN Labs to develop a machine that can demonstrate the ability to “hover close to its control-ground station, providing a surveillance capability for convoys, security force bases and other roles.” The design is pretty innovative, based on an aeronautical principle called the Coanda Effect.

Flying Saucers

Video, explanation and links, after the jump.

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Ricoh To Release GX100 With Detachable Viewfinder

ricoh caplio

By Andrew Levine

Earlier this week Ricoh introduced their new compact prosumer camera the ‘Ricoh GX100’, taking design cues from their critically acclaimed ‘Ricoh GR Digital’. They have added a fast f/2.5-4.4, to take pictures in lower light and a 24-72mm wide angle zoom lens with a macro mode enabling the user to focus in on a subject 1cm away. It packs a 10MP CCD sensor and is all packed in a body 2.5cm deep.

In addition to this, Ricoh has implemented the worlds first removable electronic viewfinder, giving full frame coverage, perfect for pesky sunny days or getting that old nostalgic feeling of taking a picture without holding the camera 6 inches from your face.

It’ll be available at the end of April for about $785.

[ Caplio GX100 ]

OCZ Trifecta Memory Card Likes To Do It Threeways

ocz trifecta

By David Ponce

The folks at OCZ make some interesting products. Their latest is the Trifecta SD card series. Used as is, it’s a regular SD card, which works great in digital cameras and such. But, the flash storage is really in the form of a Micro SD card, which is easily removed and can then be used in devices that need that format instead, like certain mobile phones. Finally, you can plug the card right into a USB port, eliminating the need for a memory card reader.

The Trifecta series come in 1GB or 2GB sizes, at 66X speeds. There’s no word on price or availability.

[ OCZ Trifecta ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Philips Cellphone Supports AAA Protocol

By Evan Ackerman

Philips Xenium

No matter how much we like to prattle on about amazing new power sources, the fact is that conventional batteries are about as cheap and easy (and universally available) as it gets. Sure, it’s great to have gadgets with built in rechargeable cells, but that ties you down to either an outlet or carrying around yet another accessory that you rarely use. The Philips Xenium NRG handset has a built-in AAA battery slot that can be used to charge the primary phone battery on the fly, yielding an extra 3 hours of talk time. Even better, you can use rechargeable AAAs, and plugging the phone in charges both the phone battery and the AAA battery.

Philips claims that the Xenium NRG “does not compromise on design and form factor to enable the BackuPower feature.”

VIA [ Mobilewhack ]

Japanese Deep Fryer Has Aquarium Within


By David Ponce

Oh, Japan, how you delight us with your wacky shenanigans. The latest? How about a fully functional aquarium that exists… right inside a deep fryer. No, no… let me explain this right. See, you have this aquarium with real live fish, and then, sitting right on top, is piping hot oil (163 Celsius) that is actually used to cook food. Since the water and the oil don’t mix, all the fish have to do to stay alive is not venture into the hot oil on top. What’s more, fallen crumbs from the frying process fall into this aquarium, serving as fish food. The fish are then able to live from 5 to 10 years, as long as they don’t get curious about what’s above the water line. It’s great stuff, but… we have a few questions about all this: how is the heat from the oil not transferred to the food through conduction? How do the fish breathe? Don’t they need oxygen? The food that falls below can’t be healthy; why aren’t they obese?

Whatever the case, after the jump, we’re including a video. And, get this… a link to a Japanese website called “WaterFryer”…

Update: Finally, some sense. From various translations of the video, the fish are just to demonstrate that there really is water under the fryer. The point of the water is so that the extra bits of batter from the food fall down into it instead of staying and burning in the oil, thus keeping the oil clean. The danger of a water/oil explosion is reduced because the water sinks down before it can explode. So, The Waterfryer is just that: a fryer that keeps itself somewhat clean by having its oil sit atop some water.

No one knows if goldfish were harmed in the making of this video.

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Bushnell ONIX 400 Handheld GPS Adds Weather Data

Bushnell ONIX 400 (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I used to recommend brands like Garmin or Magellan when people asked me about handheld GPS devices but in terms of features Bushnell seems to be leaving those 2 companies in the dust. The latest model from their ONIX line is the 400 and in addition to full GPS capabilities with actual satellite images it now offers real-time weather reports and XM satellite radio.

Well the satellite radio kind of goes hand in hand with the weather functions since the device relies on XM’s recently announced real-time weather system. What’s most impressive is that the weather data will be specific to your exact location (or ‘cell’ as the company calls it) rather than just a vague report for the general region you’re in. And of course even though you might be roughing it out in the woods you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite XM stations wherever you are.

The ONIX 400 will have an MSRP of $499 and includes a full color 320×240 LCD screen, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and 64Mb of built-in storage. It’s scheduled to be released sometime in the summer of 2007.

[ Bushnell ONIX 400 @ ] VIA [ Popular Science ]