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Prison Pen – Useful For Writing, Not For Shivving

Prison Pen (Image courtesy Spycatcher) By Andrew Liszewski

When you think about it guards in a jail or prison go to great lengths to ensure any potential weapons are confiscated from an inmate. But then later on when it comes to the interview or interrogation rooms they gladly hand over a Bic pen for writing a confession. According to the movies I’ve seen that pen can be used as a lethal first step to a grand escape plan.

The Prison Pen makes this pretty much impossible though since it’s made from a soft rubber material that bends under even the slightest pressure. As a result it can’t be used to stab, shiv or injure guards or other inmates. Of course it still has a ball point metal tip which could result in some nasty scratches if used correctly, but something tells me that’s not exactly going to incapacitate your cell mate when that time comes.

The Prison Pen is available at Spycatcher for around $10 and even though it uses a small ink cartridge it will still write for over 1000 meters.

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