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The Slightest Touch Zaps The Ladies For Pleasure

By Evan Ackerman

Slightest Touch

Far be it from a gadget blog like ours to even pretend to know what we’re talking about when it comes to sex toys for women, but the Slightest Touch looks pretty strange, even to us. Apparently, you stick two electrodes onto your ankles, which then shoot gentle electrical impulses up into your naughty bits. You can adjust the intensity via control unit, and don’t forget to chug a Gatorade before use to increase your conductivity (it says to in the manual). It can be used either alone or with a partner.

Slightest Touch ManualAnd now to answer the question that you’ve all been asking yourselves: does this work for men? Sorta. According to the Slightest Touch forums, guys have had some success sticking the pads behind their knees or on their inner thighs. Supposedly, you can also put one pad on your back and one on your partner’s back and have some weird stuff happen.*

Slightest Touch is available from their website for $139.95. A little steep, but can you really put a price on something that “takes a woman to a pre-orgasmic plateau, and holds her there for as long as she desires?”

*Slightest Touch (and OhGizmo) would like to emphasize that this product is intended for women. Neither Slightest Touch (nor OhGizmo) can be held responsible for injuries or embarrassment resulting from, uh, creative alternate uses of this product.

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