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RoboHippie Drum Circle

By Evan Ackerman

Drumming Hippies

Has ever a post title inspired such fear? From straight out of a late ’60s Haight-Ashbury commune come these anachronistically clean and plasticky (and battery powered) Hippie drummer toys. Blondie, Baldy, Ginger, and Afro all know how to play three different canned songs. Unfortunately there’s no way to hook up your Creedence tapes, but the tunes are kinda catchy in an “if you keep that thing on for one more second I’m going to smash it into a pile of plastic splinters with my fist” sort of way. But here’s the best part: when you put more than one of these Hippies together, their chakras (I mean, infrared emitters) snyc up, and they drum in unison. As a silicon child and total square, it freaks my mind.

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If you like these, feel free to buy a set of two from a Corporation run by the Man. In this case, it happens to be, and your materialist consumerist hippie toys will cost $29.95.

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