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MagneCote – Printable Magnetic Paper

MagneCote Magnetic Paper (Images courtesy MagneCote)By Andrew Liszewski

The title of this post pretty much sums up what MagneCote is all about but to recap it’s a special paper created by applying a proprietary magnetic coating to standard Sterling Ultra paper which then allows it to stick to any metal surface. The other benefit of course is that since it’s made with a traditional paper the MagneCote stock can be used with any sheet-fed offset printing press and can even be die-cut, perforated or laminated.

And while it may seem like a novelty at first there are actually some pretty useful applications I can think of. For example how about restaurant take-out menus that can be stuck on a fridge? It makes it convenient for the customer and ensures the restaurant’s name and products are highly visible at all times. Or what about guerilla advertising that can be quickly and safely stuck to bathroom stalls, trash bins, mailboxes or even phone booths? Definitely a lot better than sending someone around with a stack of flyers and a bucket of glue.

At the moment MagneCote is only available for professional print jobs and facilities but they claim the paper will also be available for home inkjet printers in the near future.

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