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Drive Faster Or Be Destroyed

By Evan Ackerman

Missile Balloons

This is a totally useless and yet totally awesome idea: missile balloons. These 4 foot long mylar balloons are filled with helium, and you attach them to the back of your car. As you drive, they’ll follow you, hopefully scaring the crap out of other drivers. The only requirement is having a car that is cruise missile worthy, lest people just laugh at you. Unfortunately, my Volvo doesn’t qualify.

These should be available soon from Stupidiotic for $24.

[ Missile Balloons ] VIA [ Trendhunter ]

  • Bob G

    I’ve seen this hundreds of times on stumbleupon and other random websites. At first I thought this was just old recycled news.

    I’m impressed that you found a real link for people to buy them. Too bad I live in the city and I’d probably go way too slow for them to look cool.

  • Neecy

    Where do I get them now?

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