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Virtual Distance Football

Virtual Distance Football (Image courtesy Discovery Channel Store) By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not sure what the ‘Virtual’ part means but this football has a built-in LCD display that will tell you how far the football has been thrown, measured in yards. It uses the impact of the throw and presumably the impact of the catch (or when the ball hits the ground) to gauge the distance with a measurement that’s accurate to within 1 yard.

The site is a bit vague on how it does this, only referring to the ball’s “advanced sensor technology” but the electronics can’t be that complex given it’s designed to be thrown around. And if you’re looking for that authentic pigskin feel you might be disappointed. The ball is made of foam probably of a Nerf consistency but without the lawsuits that come with actually calling it that and weighs about a pound.

It’s currently available from the Discovery Channel Store for $19.95.

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