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Microsoft Next-Gen PC Designs

Pussy Cat

By Evan Ackerman

Microsoft’s annual PC design contest is in full swing, and lots of cool conceptual designs are floating around. You can vote for your favorite if you’ve got a .Net Passport (ha!), or you can just drool over the eye candy. My personal favorite is the Pussy Cat:

Unlike a normal cat, Pussy Cat in “Personal Computer Mode” is fully multimedia and internet capable. While in “Pussy Cat Mode,” however, it has many features in common with real cats. It can walk around, recognize faces, and even “feed” itself via a wireless recharging station shaped like a food bowl.

Here’s a few other ways that Pussy Cat is just like real cats:

-Bits of it glow in the dark.
-You get it to do what you want by poking it repeatedly in the face (where there’s a touchscreen display).
-All kinds of sounds and smells come out of it’s butt (via a rear mounted subwoofer and scent dispenser).
-Shoving a DVD into it’s mouth provides hours of entertainment (since that’s where the DVD player is).
-You turn it off by stabbing it in the chest (with your finger where the power button is).
-It’s head serves as a convenient carrying handle.

Oh, did I mention that I’m allergic to cats?

[ Microsoft / IDSA PC Design Competition ] VIA [ Yanko Design ]


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