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FoxFury LED Headlamps

FoxFury Outdoor Headlamp

By Evan Ackerman

FoxFury, well known for making seriously professional LED headlamps, is now offering models designed for personal use. Not only do FoxFury headlamps feature an array of 24 (!) LEDs, the LEDs themselves are customized to maximize lighting for different applications. The standard Outdoor model (shown above) uses a combination of white and green LEDs to provide better vision, since the human eye is most responsive to green light (which is one of the reasons that green lasers look so bright). Other versions are optimized in other ways… The scuba version, for example, uses blue and green LEDs, since marine life is most sensitive to red light, and you don’t want to scare the fishies.

The headlamp itself is rugged and waterproof, with recesses to protect the LEDs. It provides a 45 degree field of illumination at 430 candlepower, giving you a good view out to 150 feet. Some versions even have an ambient lighting sensor to help preserve the batteries; it takes 4 AAs and should run 8 hours at full blast. The Signature versions will set you back $169.99.

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