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Time Table – Clever Design, Hilarious Pun

Time Table (Image courtesy Normal)
By Andrew Liszewski

With the Time Table in your living room never again will you have to squint at the cable box, or wander over to the microwave to see what time it is. It uses a thin electro-luminescent film to turn the entire top surface of the table into a subtle and tasteful digital clock.

The table also includes alarm functions in case you fall asleep and don’t want to spend the whole night in front of the TV and a timer to switch the lighting off. I assume (or at least hope) the table is also waterproof for handling the occasional spilled beverage.

*Note: Designer Ross McBride has asked us to mention that the Time Table is only a prototype and is not available for sale.

[ Time Table ] VIA [ Crib Candy ]


2 responses to “Time Table – Clever Design, Hilarious Pun”

  1. mikelietz says:

    Clever, neat looking, but think of how useless it will become once it begins to accumulate the usual coffee table junk?

  2. WAYNE WINSTON says:

    I saw it. Thought it was a kool item. Was going to buy it, and now they say its only a prototype! THATS CRUEL. If anyone sees this table for sale anytime in the future please email the info. Thank you.