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Pimp My Airbus

By Evan Ackerman

Soul Plane

I drive a 1984 Volvo station wagon. It’s beige. When I get a new ride, it’s gonna be a Volvo that was made after sometime after 1990 but before 1999. Or, if I was an Arabian oil magnate, my new ride could instead be a tricked out Airbus A380. For a paltry $450 million, you get one of the largest airplanes in the world, complete with a theatre, a master bedroom that’s larger than my entire apartment, a whirlpool bathtub, and a missile defense system. If that’s beyond your budget, you can opt for a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at only $150 million, or a used Boeing 767-200 (like Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page) for a paltry $15 million. By way of comparison, a new Gulfstream costs somewhere around $50 million.

This video from the Wall Street Journal has some nifty concept shots of the interior of a custom Dreamliner:

[ WSJ Article ] VIA [ Newlaunches ]


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