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M300 Wristwatch Phone

By Evan Ackerman

M300 Wristphone

I’ve always wanted a wristwatch phone just like Dick Tracy. At heart, I’m one of those luddites who uses his cell phone primarily to make phone calls, and as such, a little wearable wristphone that doesn’t take up valuable pocket space would be just perfect. Company SMS Technology has announced their M300 tri-band GSM/GPRS wristphone, which features a 1 inch color OLED display, Bluetooth 2.0, an MP3 player (although there’s only 64mb of memory), USB connectivity and charging, and an impressive 3.3 hours of talk time and 80 hours of standby.

The M300 doesn’t appear to be big and clunky, so as long as it makes decent phone calls, the key to success is presumably going to be the interface. It only seems to have four or five buttons, so how hard is it going to be to dial a number that’s not in my address book? Voice recognition, maybe? Wouldn’t that be cool.

By the end of 2007, SMS Technology plans to release several more versions of their wristphone, including the M501 (made from gold and titanium) and the M700 (which includes some kind of Outlook and Office syncing). The M300 should cost about $500 US when it’s released in Australia this quarter.

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  1. shankar sharma says:

    i am in need of a wrust watch cellphone so can you please advice which one would be better with a good bluetooth service.