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Camouflage Your Nintendo DS As Leather Bound Book

nintendo ds leather cover

By David Ponce

You want to be taken seriously by your snobbish, educated friends, but don’t want to give up on your Nintendo DS addiction? Just get this fine looking leather case, and you’ll fit right in with the too-cool-to-game crowd. That’s of course until you start cursing at your “book”, and furiously jab its “pages” with your stylus. It’s all of $16 (1,995 Yen), and comes in two colors.

nintendo ds leather coverThere’s a couple of problems with it though. It’s for the DS, and not the DS Lite. And, there doesn’t seem to be any consideration for the L and R keys on the spine of the DS. So, if your game requires you to use these keys, you’ll have to take the DS out anyway. Kind of dumb, but there you have it anyway.

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