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Elecom 3D Laser Mouse

Elecom M-3D1UR 3D Laser Mouse (Image courtesy AudioCubes) By Andrew Liszewski

When I first saw this mouse I thought the whole ‘3D’ aspect was just marketing-talk but upon closer inspection it seems Elecom has created a unique solution for people who work with 3D graphics. The mouse of course has a high quality laser sensor that can actually be tuned through multiple DPI settings from 400 up to 2000 for whatever reason but also includes 3 unique little joystick controls.

It’s these small built-in joysticks that allow the mouse to move or rotate a 3D scene or model along the x, y or z-axis without the need for additional input from a keyboard or the use of on-sreen navigation controls. For people who’ve been working in 3D for many years the use of a keyboard in addition to the mouse is really second nature but for others who are just starting out it can really slow down your workflow until you get accustomed to it. I’m not claiming Elecom’s mouse is a better solution but I know plenty artists who will definitely find this approach interesting.

The M-3D1UR 3D Laser Mouse is currently available from for $169.

[ Elecom M-3D1UR 3D Laser Mouse ]


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