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WizKids Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game

WizKids Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game (Image courtesy WizKids)By Andrew Liszewski

For the closet Star Wars nerd who can’t let his friends see his pad covered in starship models or action figures these constructible strategy games from WizKids could serve as a great alternative that’s easily hidden. Well they’re actually designed to be used as part of a trading card game but we all know they’re going to end up on top of the monitor of that guy working next to you.

The cards come packaged in a flat envelope like regular trading cards but they’re made from a thin styrene material which allows you to punch out and construct 3D models of the more popular Star Wars ships like the Millenium Falcon or X-Wing. They can then be used for battle in a strategy-type game along with a set of included micro dice and six game cards.

WizKids has already been selling a pirate-themed constructible card game for a few years now for about $5 a pack and the Star Wars sets should cost about the same.

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