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Cyclone O’ Fire For Your Living Room

By Evan Ackerman

Cyclone Gas Fireplace Winner of the prestigous “Fireplace Most Likely To Be Featured In A Biblical Epic” award, the Cyclone is a spinning pillar of fire designed to shock, awe, and provide heat for your wet bar. It features 15,000 BTUs of gas powered warmth, and is available in a customizable kit with the flame encased in a free standing glass cylinder. The drop-in version also includes a remote control for use after the phrase “BEHOLD, MORTALS!” Available from Heat & Glo (the same guys who figured out how to turn water into fire), for $3799 and $8399 respectively.

[ Cyclone Gas Fireplace ] VIA [ Heat & Glo ]


2 responses to “Cyclone O’ Fire For Your Living Room”

  1. Mike says:

    This is going on my list of things to buy after I win the lottery.

  2. Ian Weir says:

    It would be epic to buy a few sets of these things and put them on either side of your sidewalk. Rig them up to motion detectors, and then as people come up your sidewalk at night, pillars of fire erupt on either side with every step.