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Tokyoflash Releases Zero-G Watch

zero-g tokyoflash

By David Ponce

Our love affair with Tokyoflash watches continues unabated. Their latest model is called the Zero-G.

The super slim Zero-G has everything that makes great unique watch. Simple & stylish with a original way of telling the time.

Available in either Black or Silver, it’s mirrored LCD display ensures that telling the time is just a glance away. The circular display is deceptively easy to read: The LCD “arm” points to the hour just like a regular watch & the sweeping curve ends at the minute mark, also indicating the minutes in a regular manner. Since the display is “always on” there is no need to push a button to see the time.

It’s going to set you back 9800 yen (~$80), and is available now.

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