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Plustek OpticBook 2600, Book Scanning Done Right

plustek 3600

By David Ponce

Never mind the legal aspect of scanning a book for now (are there any?). Have you ever tried it? What did your book look like after? You do realize that the only way to get the scanning done to the edge of the page, is to press the book down, causing its spine to tear and damage. So, the Plustek OpticBook 2600 seems like a gift from Heaven, at least to whomever happens to want to spend time scanning a book. It features a special ridge that wedges into the book’s crease (is it called a crease?) and allows it to scan all the way to the edge of the page, without damaging anything. It turns out that scanning an entire book takes between an hour and four, and can be “enjoyably” done while watching TV. Right.

It’s 245 Euros, and while it’s been out for a bit, we’d never seen it. Had anyone else?

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