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Ferrofluidic Art

By Evan Ackerman

Protrude Flow

This dynamic sculpture, by Sachiko Kodama, is based on interactions between electromagnets and ferrofluid, the same technology behind the Snoil display. Here’s a video of the sculpture in the above picture in action:

A different, more recent sculpture (based around a spiral tower) is shown in a video here. Pictures and videos of other sculptures are available from the artist’s website, and if you got a kick out of the first one, the rest are definitely worth checking out.

[“Morpho Tower” Ferrofluid Sculpture] VIA [Neatorama]


One response to “Ferrofluidic Art”

  1. I’m wondering if you discovered this at the Maker Faire? I saw it there this year and it was definitely one of my favorites, and that’s saying something. It is really a breath-taking reminder that magnetism is crazy-effing-magic. Magic, I tell you.