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Weather Station With Animated Forecaster

Weather Station With Animated Forecaster (Image courtesy SkyMall)By Andrew Liszewski

There are all kinds of home weather stations on the market but how many of them include a miniature weatherman? Well ‘man’ isn’t exactly an accurate description since the cartoonish figure looks to be about 12 years old but that’s more appropriate since this weather station has been designed with kids in mind.

I know it took me quite a few years before I could relate a specific temperature as being ‘cold’ or ‘warm’ and it didn’t help the situation that I often had to deal with both Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements depending on where I got my info. However getting kids to understand and dress appropriately for the weather is supposedly pretty easy using this device since the “weather boy” will sport one of 15 different outfits that are appropriate for the conditions outside. The station uses a remote Swissprecision sensor that sits outside gathering data and includes other features like an auto-updated clock, alarms, sunrise and sunset times (for certain cities) and will even indicate the phases of the moon.

The “weather boy” equipped weather station is available from SkyMall for $39.95.

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