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Two Robots On The Wheels Of Steel

Kuka Juke Bot (Images courtesy Hacked Gadgets)
By Andrew Liszewski

Now here’s an impressive bit of hacking. Someone has programmed two Kuka industrial robotic arms to function as scratch DJs. Each robot is surrounded by a collection of vinyl records and of course a turntable that has the tone arm raised up off the platter. The robots act independently of each other and will each retrieve a single piece of vinyl and then bring it around to the needle with a surprising amount of accuracy and precision. Once the needle rests on the record the robot then spins the vinyl back and forth not unlike an actual scratch DJ does.

From what I can tell in the videos (included after the jump) the Kuka Juke Bot is even capable of properly positioning the needle to hit a particular sample while it’s placing the vinyl under the cartridge. And sure while it’s no DJ Q-Bert it still does an impressive job given its limitations.

Watch a couple videos of Kuka in action after the jump.

[ Kuka Juke Bot @ Hacked Gadgets ] VIA [ Technovelgy ]