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PaperPro – Office Stapler Styling With Staple Gun Power

PaperPro Stapler (Image courtesy Accentra)By Andrew Liszewski

You might think that classic Swingline stapler on your desk is doing a great job but that’s only because you haven’t been introduced to the PaperPro. Where as the Swingline would probably choke on a stack of 20 pages the PaperPro uses a series of levers and springs similar to a staple gun to give it quite a bit of extra kick. You still of course need to manually push down on top of the stapler to make it work but your own force is amplified by the PaperPro’s mechanics meaning you don’t have to push as hard as you would with a traditional model. (They claim stapling 20 sheets of paper is about 80 percent easier with the PaperPro.)

The designers of the PaperPro didn’t cop out on other features either. It has a squared nose allowing it to sit vertically on your desk when needed, has a depth of up to 4.5″ allowing you to staple the middle of an 8-1/2×11 piece of paper and even has a window that lets you conveniently see how many staples are remaining.

The PaperPro is currently available from Amazon for $18.17.

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