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A Treadmill For Your Dog

dog treadmill

By David Ponce

We’ve noticed that dogs tend to look a lot like their owners. And we’ve also noticed that a lot of people (a great, ungodly lot) are very fat. Yeah, like obese fat. And so are their pooches. So, what better idea than a doggie treadmill? Think about it. Dogs need exercise, but who’s going to take them out for a walk? Certainly not their already gravitationally challenged owners; there’s a reason they’re overweight in the first place. So, these people can just place poochie on the treadmill, and control their canine friend’s workout intensity with a remote, all from the comfort of their Dorito-dust covered La-Z-Boy. The machine goes from 0 to 5 km/h (3.1 mph) and a safety leash along with two side shields reduces the chances of a mishap. Of course, we’re thinking that a minor disaster is just around the corner should poor doggie trip while tethered by a leash… but, let’s just hope the owners will have the decency to be paying attention.

It’s ?15,800 ($131), though the site is in Japanese, and we can’t be sure if they’ll deliver overseas or what.

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