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FlareSafe Flashlight With Emergency Features

FlareSafe Flashlight (Image courtesy FlareBrands) By Andrew Liszewski

I think maybe the ‘Flare’ name is a bit misleading but anyone who enjoys backpacking or camping will appreciate the extra safety features this flashlight incorporates. First off it’s made from military grade plastics, is water resistant and uses “the latest LED technology” so it’s probably a pretty good flashlight to begin with.

But what some people will find even more useful is the FlareSafe’s specially designed optical smoke detector system. When you’re heading off to sleep just twist the plastic cap on the back of the unit which pops up the detector. When smoke enters it a 110dB alarm will sound which is probably loud enough to wake even the heaviest of sleepers. And to ensure you can then find your way to safety the flashlight itself also turns on making it easy to find. In addition a button on the rear of the unit can be used to temporarily turn on the alarm if you need to use it as an audible locating device.

Like most well made camping or backpacking gear the FlareSafe isn’t cheap and will set you back about $84.

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  • Robert Carmichael

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for reviewing FlareSafe, our recently-launched travel safety product. To clarify, the ‘latest LED technology’ comprises four Nichia 5mm white LEDs, which are driven by a step-up transformer to generate a strong pure light. It is, as you say, a good flashlight.

    One other function worth pointing out – pushing both orange buttons on the body of the unit (you can only see one of these orange buttons in the picture), puts the unit into distress alarm mode, which you might well use in the event you were attacked. The alarm starts shrieking, and the flashlight strobes to provide a visual and audible signal of distress.

    Ah yes, and the price includes the three batteries (including a back-up Lithium battery). We reckon it is great value, and hope to be launching it in North America in the next couple of months.

    Thanks again for the review.

    Robert Carmichael, FlareBrands Limited, London, United Kingdom.