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FirstSounds – Listen To Your Baby’s Heartbeat At Home

FirstSounds Deluxe Prenatal Heart Listener (Image courtesy Marilyn Electronics)By Andrew Liszewski

Can’t wait until your next checkup to hear your baby’s heartbeat? The FirstSounds Prenatal Heart Listener allows you to tune in to your child-to-be’s heartbeat, hiccups, kicks and other sounds all in the comfort of your own home. The device apparently works best in the late second and third trimester and from what I can tell you just hold it against your belly and it amplifies the sounds which can then be heard through a pair of headphones or recorded for later ‘enjoyment.’

The FirstSounds is supposed to be completely safe but I wouldn’t question any expectant mothers who might be a little cautious of using it. However it was invented by a neonatal nurse and has won awards from nursing organizations so I assume there’s nothing to worry about. And if it’s your first child the FirstSounds also includes an instructional cassette tape (is it 1985 already!?) with sample fetal sounds so you can know what to listen for.

FirstSounds is available from Marilyn Electronics for $34.95.

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