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Today’s Top Tech: Diebold Displays Bottomless Pit Of Stupidity

diebold keysBy David Ponce

Diebold makes America’s e-voting machines. Sadly, these machines are not as tamper-proof as you’d like them to be. And, through Diebold’s own smarts, they just got easier to hack. Here’s the story, with a little background.

A few months back, it was revealed, through the efforts of a study at Princeton, that the voting machines could be fairly easily hacked, constituents’ votes flipped and elections stolen. All that was needed to accomplish the task was access to the machine’s innards, which was possible through picking the device’s lock. Or, better yet, using a key to open it.

And it turns out, Diebold just gave the world this very key.

It seems that for some time now, the company has posted, right on their website, a picture of the master key which opens all the Diebold AccuVote-TS electronic voting machines. Sure, they sell the keys to the machine’s owners only, but the thing about keys, is that all you really need to copy them… is a picture. So, a friend of J. Alex Halderman (who was on the Princeton study group that initially found the exploit) was able to take this picture, and make his very own master key. And it works!

So yeah, folks, you too can now make your very own copy of a Diebold e-voting machine. Sure, you can probably get into heaps of trouble if you try using it, but it should give you a comforting feeling knowing that your votes are safe, and your elections secure. No?

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