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Poop-Freeze Spray Will Turn Dog-doo Icy Cold

poop freeze

By David Ponce

There’s nothing quite more disturbing than the feel of a fresh, warm, squishy pile of dog poop in your hand, through the barely-there protection of an inside-out plastic bag. But it doesn’t have to be that way. How about you freeze dry the poop before you pick it up? Poop-Freeze is a poop freezer in aerosol form. We’re not sure just what chemical is contained within, but upon a short spray, will turn your dog’s (or cat’s) feces outer layer rock hard, lowering its temperature to a poop-chilling ?62? F and making disposal a little more convenient.

Of course, since the spray will freeze poop down to ?62? F, there’s a good chance it will freeze other things just as efficiently. Ideas anyone?

It’s $10 for a 4 oz. can, and $15 for a 10 oz. can.

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