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One Click Intelligent Power Strip

One Click Power (Image courtesy Nigel's Eco Store)By Andrew Liszewski

The One Click Power strip should appeal to a wide variety of computer users whether they’re the environmentally friendly type, the thrifty type or the too lazy to bend over type. (Most likely that last one.) While it looks like your run of the mill power strip you’ll notice that one of the sockets is black and this is where you’re supposed to specifically plug in your computer. Other peripherals like the monitor, printer or scanner then plug into any of the other sockets. When you power up the computer the One Click detects this and then turns on everything else connected to the strip. When you power off the computer it of course does the opposite and shuts everything down.

I assume you’re supposed to just leave all of your peripherals turned on and the One Click just controls whether or not the sockets actually get any power but what is certain is that this should end up using less energy than leaving all of your equipment in a standby mode when not in use.

The One Click Power Strip is available from Nigel’s Eco Store for about $60.

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