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Today’s Top Tech: Blu-ray Cracked

bluray logoBy David Ponce

Today, once more, we could talk about the true top story: Yahoo! posted Q4 and 2006 earnings. Everyone’s talking about that, but it’s kind of boring. This is all you need to know: they beat expectations, they’re happy, but a little cautious about 2007. Semel’s putting small fires out, but there’s nothing to get anyone’s panties up in a bunch.

The more interesting news is that Blu-ray technology has been cracked. A while ago, HDDVD fell under the prodigious hacking of one “muslix64”, from the Doom9 forums. And he’s at it again, this time successfully extracting “backup” video from Lord Of War, from Lion?s Gate Films. A small, Alpha (meaning barely tested and potentially unstable) utility has been released, and it’s called BackupBluRay.

Of course, the issue of whether there is a demand for HD backup files is another topic altogether. These files will be difficult to distribute via P2P for various reasons: they’re extremely large, so less people will want to wait. Less people will want to seed them. Less people will want to have them on their hard drives. Not to mention that it’s not yet possible to burn them back into Blu-ray, so you have to watch the HD film on your PC.

Still, now Blu-ray and HDDVD are cracked.

VIA [ Wesley Tech ]