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Portable Temperature Logger

Portable Temperature Data Logger (Image courtesy ThinkGeek)By Andrew Liszewski

We already have more data available at our fingerprints than any human could possibly digest in a lifetime so what’s another drop in the bucket? From ThinkGeek comes the HOBO Data Temperature Logger and its name basically says it all. (Minus the HOBO part that is.) The device can log up to 52,000 temperature measurements in user selectable intervals ranging anywhere from every second to every 12 hours with a range of -4? to 158?F. It can also log other events including low battery warnings or when the button on the front of the unit has been pressed which is useful for denoting a specific time for later reference. It can even be programmed to specifically start logging at a set time or date or started manually using the aforementioned button.

Once you’ve collected enough data just plug the HOBO into your PC via a convenient USB connection and the temperature info can then be graphed using included software. While this may seem like more of a novelty device there are some actual useful applications like monitoring the temperature of an overtaxed server room or protecting your investments down in the wine cellar.

The HOBO portable temp logger is currently available from ThinkGeek for $79.99.

[ Portable Temperature Data Logger @ ThinkGeek ]