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Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmarks (Image courtesy Mark-My-Time, LLC) By Andrew Liszewski

Good old-fashioned reading has a lot of competition these days and it’s not surprising that kids would rather spend their time with a controller in their hands rather than a book. Now while the Mark-My-Time bookmark isn’t designed to make books more appealing it will at least help your kids get into the habit of reading every day.

It’s basically a thin polyethylene plastic strip that has a battery powered digital clock on top. The idea is that a parent sets up a countdown timer on the bookmark for as long as they’d like their kids to read each day. Once the timer runs out an alarm goes off letting the kids know they’ve put in their required time and can move onto another activity. The bookmark can also track cumulative time if you’d prefer your kids to read until they’ve hit a set number of hours each week.

The Mark-My-Time bookmarks are available in neon blue, green or purple for $8.95.

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