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Miniature Antquarium With Belt Clip

Mini Antquarium (Image courtesy ModernTots)By Andrew Liszewski

Since the odds of growing up to become a professional athlete or famous movie star are really low I definitely feel it’s important to help steer kids toward a more practical profession while they’re young.

But at the same time there’s no question school is not easy when you’re ‘the nerd‘ and it probably wouldn’t help a child’s playground street-cred if they came to school wearing this Antquarium on their belt. (Not to mention what life must be like for the ants who’ve been imprisoned inside this thing that’s tethered to the belt of an active 10 year old. Something tells me if given the choice they’d opt for the magnifying glass fate instead.)

Just add ants! No need to add food or water; the gel will provide everything the ants need. Pre-made, ready for use, and portable. With its handy pouch and belt clip, kids can carry the Mini-Antquarium when seeking ants in the field or sharing ants with friends. An ant catcher is also enclosed.

The Miniature Antquarium is available for $12.95.

[ Mini Antquarium ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]