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Lomo Supersampler

Lomo Supersampler (Images courtesy Retail Junky) By Andrew Liszewski

The Lomo cameras are usually as simple as it gets when it comes to photography but they still manage to set themselves apart with unique features and a highly stylized approach to photography. Most of my photographer friends who carry around thousands of dollars worth of digital camera gear still have a few Lomos in their collections they use quite often.

The Lomo Supersampler uses 4 side-by-side lenses which will take 4 panoramic shots on a single frame of film. The camera has 2 speed settings as well allowing you to snap those 4 pics in 2 seconds or 0.2 seconds depending on how you want the action shots to be spread out. Like many Lomos it has no viewfinder either, just point it at your subject, hit the shutter button and hope for the best. And instead of using a thumb wheel to advance the film in the camera you just pull a patented rip-cord to get ready for the next shot. (Not sure how you rewind the film though…)

The Supersampler is available for about $80 and remember you’ll need to get yourself a few rolls of film too, no SD or CF card slots to be found on this one I’m afraid.

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One response to “Lomo Supersampler”

  1. Mark says:

    This thing is quite old guys, my ex girlfriend bought it about 3 years ago in Holland. It’s a pretty interesting camera that lets you make artsy photos, though the lack of any practical use makes it more a novelty item than anything else (hence the site, i guess).

    80 bucks sounds way to expensive, i remember she got it for around 25 euros. Shutter interval is set at either lightning fast (about a second for all 4 shots) or slow (about 15 seconds for all 4 shots if i remember correctly)

    To rewind it, you have to peel out a lever (black disc shaped thing on the upper left of the device on the picture) and wind it by hand…. pretty 1967 ey?

    There you go, my product review. You can send the cheque to 234.4643.146 hehe