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Linde Werdelin BIFORMETER Watch

Linde Werdelin BIFORMETER (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

We love stumbling across new and innovative watch designs and while the BIFORMETER from Linde Werdelin is not going to win any marketing awards for its name it makes up for it in terms of design and functionality. It comes in two versions called the Elemental and the Two-Timer and both are available in either stainless steel or 18kt gold finishes.

As you can see the base of the BIFORMETER is a finely crafted traditional analog watch but what makes it gizmo-worthy is the optional computer module which snaps onto the face. This module adds quite a list of functionality including a chronometer, compass, altimeter and barometer which all function digitally of course via the LCD screen. It apparently even has built-in WiFi for downloading data from external sensors. It’s the perfect watch for hitting the slopes in the day or the ski lodge at night.

The steel version of the BIFORMETER is available for about $3,400 with the gold version costing a bit more at about $7,300. The computer module is optional (though we feel it’s what makes this watch stand out) and it will set you back an additional $1,200.

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