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IntelliScanner Mini – Time To Get Organized

IntelliScanner Mini (Image courtesy IntelliScanner Corporation)By Andrew Liszewski

This one’s probably more for the OhGizmo readers with obsessive compulsive tendencies or those who have so many DVDs or CDs in their collection they end up buying duplicates by mistake. The IntelliScanner Mini is a keychain sized barcode scanner that allows you to organize and track everything in your particular collection whether it be movies, wine or even comic books.

Just scan the barcode of any item that has one and when you sync the IntelliScanner to your PC that item will be automatically added to a particular database. The software that maintains this database can then access online resources to fill in any additional information about the item that might be missing. The software itself comes in different versions too including one for media, groceries, wine, comics and more.

The IntelliScanner Mini bundle includes six different versions of their database software and is available for $299.

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