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Zigview S2 – LCD Previews For DSLRs

Argraph Zigview S2 (Image courtesy Popular Science)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve gone through a few digital cameras over the years but when the Nikon D70 was released I became a complete convert to DSLRs. However like a lot of people it took a few weeks to get used to the fact that an SLR always requires you to look through the eyepiece with no real-time previews available on the LCD. Having used the camera for a few years now I don’t miss that functionality but I know some people are reluctant to switch to a DSLR for just that reason.

A clever, albeit expensive solution to the problem is the Zigview S2 accessory from Argraph. From what I can tell it attaches directly to the camera’s eyepiece and uses a small sensor to capture the image in the viewfinder and displays it on a detachable 2.5″ LCD screen that can be flipped 180 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. Besides giving you a real-time preview on the LCD the Zigview can also connect to a video monitor allowing a group of people to crowd around and see what a shot looks like before it’s taken. It even includes a cable shutter release that it can trigger with its own built-in intervalometer (from a 0.5 second interval up to 99 days) or when its motion detector senses a variation in the image in the viewfinder. Very cool.

The Zigview S2 is available for about $450-$500.

[ Zigview S2 ] VIA [ Popular Science ]