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The Rakku, A Rolodex For Your Shoes

the rakku

By David Ponce

Well, calling it a Rolodex is maybe a bit of a stretch, in the sense that it doesn’t really keep track of all your contacts, and doesn’t sit on your desk trying to make you look important. But, The Rakku from company Rakkudesigns does at least roll and it keeps something. In this case, shoes. It’s a 30 inch by 12 inch wheel with 20 different compartments, each one closed off by a series of elastic bands. It can hold up to 30 pairs, depending on size. You insert your shoes in each compartment, and rotate it to make your daily selection. It fits shoe sizes up to men’s 10.5 and costs $65.

Apparently, hordes of shoppers have already bought all the initial stock, so the company is taking pre-orders for end of February delivery, right here.

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