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BlueDot Divita CD & DVD Storage Tower

BlueDot Divita CD & DVD Storage Tower (Image courtesy AudioCubes) By Andrew Liszewski

I guess at one point the idea of someone having 100 CDs or DVDs might have seemed like quite an accomplishment but not anymore. In fact I would wager there’s at least 100 unlabeled discs sitting on my desk right now that were burned for temporary reasons and then just got lost in the pile. This is why I’m a bit surprised at this Divita disc storage tower from BlueDot. The design is definitely pretty cool but only holding 100 discs with no way to expand that capacity seems kind of limiting to me.

The tower has a polished steel finish which looks great and it also utilizes a slot drive for loading and ejecting your discs. On top is a small keypad and a high resolution 1.8-inch TFT display which allows you to enter a title for each CD or DVD which then gets associated to a number. Anytime you need to access a disc I assume you can either punch in the number or hopefully scroll through a list of titles to find it. Having this tower interface with a PC and some custom software would have been a better idea in my opinion but I’m sure it’s still perfectly usable.

The Divita is available from for (cough!) $489.

[ BlueDot Divita Storage Tower ]


5 responses to “BlueDot Divita CD & DVD Storage Tower”

  1. keita says:

    oh, i don’t really know, if i would be able to spend $500 on this, but its features seem really cool. i like

  2. Nick Burns says:

    Meh, go with the cd carousel – it cost 1/5th the price, holds more CDs, expandable (ala daisy chaining) and interfaces with the computer.
    (I haven’t bought one, but have always liked the idea)

  3. Nick Burns says:

    Other versions of the CD Carousel: (with keypads/locks)

  4. It looks pretty cool, if it had a drive inside it and it was connected to the PC via usb that’d be cool… automatically changing discs!

  5. Peter Rafeiner says:

    $500 to hold 500 DVDs?
    I spent $120 on a 2TB NAS drive and can rip 2,000 CDs onto it for instant access from anywhere in the house or yard (via WIFI) or even on the road !