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The Optimus’ Retarded Cousin: Luxeed Interactive Keyboard

luxeedBy David Ponce

If you’re not interested in buying a yet-to-be-produced, overhyped and probably imaginary $1,200 OLED keyboard, then perhaps I can interest you in an incredibly cheezy, possibly useless alternative. The Luxeed, from Luxiium Lighting & Technology, is a keyboard that can change the color of every single key, independently of each other. Each key can be tuned to one of “512 vibrant colors”, and in that sense can become an independent pixel. You can then download color skins from the website, or create your own. The keys can even be set to dance along with music and the Korean company is marketing the product by trumpeting its chromatherapeutic benefits.

We just think it’s sort of dumb, although there are bound to be the few and far between among you who’ll find it adorable. For you, we should tell you that we didn’t find any price information and if you’re really bent of getting one, you’ll have to trudge through a Korean website. So there.

[ Luxeed ] VIA [ ChipChick ]