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Waleli GSM Doorbell & Lock

Waleli GSM Doorbell & Lock (Image courtesy Popular Science) By Andrew Liszewski

Does the thought of having to get up and answer the door seem like an unnecessary inconvenience to you? Or are you one of those persons who’s forgetful enough to leave their keys at the office but would never move an inch without knowing where their cellphone was? If you answered yes to either of those questions you’re the prime demographic for a device called the Waleli.

It’s designed to be an improved version of your traditional doorbell and when I mean improved I mean that when someone comes to your door and buzzes the intercom the Waleli actually calls the homeowner’s cellphone alerting them to the visitor. I assume you’re then able to converse with whoever has buzzed you and if you want to let them in just punch in your security code on your phone and the door will automatically unlock. The Waleli can also be called directly with your cellphone and used to unlock the door if for some reason you’ve lost your keys or don’t feel like digging them out of your pockets.

The Waleli hardware costs about $600 but I’m not sure if it requires its own dedicated calling plan in order to function.

[ Waleli GSM Doorbell ] VIA [ Popular Science ]


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