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InferPoint Slimouse

InferPoint Slimouse (Images courtesy InferPoint)
By Andrew Liszewski

Most laptops either ship with a touchpad, pointer nub or a combination of the two and while they?re a clever option for when space is at a premium they?re not exactly the best solution for all situations. If you?ve got some quick Photoshoppin? to do for example a touchpad just doesn?t cut it so you?re probably going to want to have a mouse on hand that can also be easily stashed away.

Well when it comes to small and compact I don?t think they get much tinier than the Slimouse from InferPoint. They?re roughly as big as an average-sized human finger and use a patented system where the left and right mouse buttons actually sit in front of each other instead. While it may take some people a bit of time to get used to this it?s not that different from the button layout used on a Wacom stylus. There?s even a scroll wheel mounted on the side of the Slimouse which may or may not also function as an additional button.

The Slimouse is available in a wide selection of colors or with different graphics and range in price from $24.99 to $29.99.

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