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Mobile Device With Finger Touching Keypad

Finger touching (Images courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

While it looks as bizarre as it sounds the Finger Touching mobile interface concept from Samsung is another approach to the ‘typing on the go without a full-size keyboard’ problem. A simple loop device with a small screen is worn around the wrist which also includes a laser emitter capable of projecting a bright keyboard across your hand.

Using your fingers (except the thumb) the Finger Touching device recreates the standard 3×4 keypad we’re all accustomed to from mobile phones. However each number/alphanumeric set of characters appears on a different section of your fingers and presumably the device worn on your wrist is capable of telling when any of the virtual buttons have been pressed. The virtual keypad idea is a great idea especially since it’s literally non-existent when not in use but something tells me we may never see this concept come to fruition.

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