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Kleer Wireless iPod Nano Adapter

Kleer Wireless iPod Nano Adapter (Image courtesy Kleer)By Andrew Liszewski

I won’t go into much detail about the newly announced Apple iPhone because quite frankly it’s already been covered by nearly every single website and news agency on the planet. Needless to say it’s another slick looking piece of tech but since we all have to wait until June to get our hands on one we’re stuck with our current iPods and Nanos for the time being. Thankfully though there are still plenty of new accessories being released for the current models to help tide us over.

A company called Kleer has just announced a wireless iPod adapter that is the first to use 2.4Ghz radio frequencies to deliver full CD quality audio without any loss in sound quality. Anyone who regularly uses one of the FM transmitters currently on the market will definitely appreciate that. In the photo here you can see the adapter mounted to an iPod Nano along with a pair of wireless earbuds but Kleer plans to license their technology to other manufacturers as well. RCA will be one of the first companies to do so and plans to incorporate the Kleer wireless hardware into their new Jet Stream MP3 Player.

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