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The ultimate winter gadget gloves


By David Edney

It’s freezing outside, especially if you live in blizzard areas, and touching the talk button on the cellphone with big bulky gloves is a daily problem we all face. Fortunately for us, a company in Montreal has solved the problem of operating all your gadgets while keeping your hands warm. The glove is called iTWYF or, I Touch With Your Fingers.(uhhhh?…) Three of the fingers have enhancements: the thumb has a velcro strap that exposes that finger, the index finger has a leather strip that can be used for “target-specific” fingering like iPoding, and the middle finger has a tiny stud on it that you can use as a stylus for touchscreens. The gloves actually don’t look bad [Of course, by this, David means they look horrible. Right? -Ed.] and they come in three colors and sizes to boot. They cost only $39 and will have you on your way to happier gadgeting in the cold.

[ ITWYF ] VIA [ Sci Fi ]


2 responses to “The ultimate winter gadget gloves”

  1. Jordan says:

    Hahaha I’m going to have to agree with Ed on this one, they look pretty nasty. I’d have to say they’d look nice if the ‘enhanced’ fingers didn’t have different colored leather… Plus that stylus nub is rather messed up looking.

  2. Andre says:

    I agree! The fingers should be all the same colors. But they are still probably really useful for people who walk everyday.