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Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Reviewed. Verdict: Phenomenal, Pricey

By Ian Chiu

Webcams’ video quality isn’t bad at all if you are willing to pay the price. Logitech’s latest Ultra Vision proves this. By incorporating a true glass lens as opposed to a cheap plastic counterpart, the $130 Hi-Speed USB webcam delivers truly exceptional image quality at max. 1280×960 native res. Moreover, Logitech’s in-house RightLight, now evolved to version 2, can tackle the uneven and dim lighting that haunts most households to create the perfect picture. Lastly, the video effects from 3D avatar to facial accessories are fun, except you can’t create your own.

In the end I was left with nothing but good impressions of the QuickCam Ultra Vision. RightLight 2 did a mostly good job of sorting out a variety of extreme lighting situations both bright and dim, and when set manually is nothing short of excellent. The glass lens made a huge improvement in clarity while increasing the available light to minimize exposure time, allowing for higher framerates. The wide assortment of amusing face-tracking video effects saw improved stability, and audio quality, while degraded slightly, remains in the above average category. Highly recommended to any PC desktop user.

[Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision Review @ Everything USB]


    $130 is not that bad thinking that you get the quality of a glass lens

    Wouldn’t personally pay, but it’s nice.