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Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal

Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal (Image courtesy The Sharper Image)By Andrew Liszewski

I can’t really speak from experience but apparently once a bottle of wine has been opened the clock starts ticking on how long it stays fresh. And while there are many suggestions on how to keep an opened bottle fresh for a longer period of time, from what I’ve read none of them really work.

So I don’t know for sure if this device would be any more effective but it sounds convincing. Before you stick that opened bottle of wine in the fridge just cap it with this vacuum seal which will automatically turn on and pump all the air out of the bottle. You’ll know when it’s completely sealed via a built-in LCD which also keeps track of the wine’s temperature letting you know when it’s the optimal time to be served. The Wine Vac runs on 2 AA batteries but I don’t know if it will maintain its seal if the batteries die.

The Wine Vac is available from The Sharper Image for $34.95.

[ Wine Vac Vacuum Seal ] VIA [ The Green Head ]